The Wulira app is a mobile phone-based hearing loss assessment application that allows audiologic assessment using pure tones to be conducted within 5 minutes. The app generates the lower frequency pure tones as produced by the Pure Tone Audiometer (PTA) – the gold standard for hearing loss assessment (0.25 – 8kHz) and in addition produces high frequency pure tones beyond the PTA range(9 – 20 kHz).The entire testing process is automated, requiring the patient to only click on the response button when a test sound is heard. The app records each of the patient’s responses and plots an audiogram for the test session. It then uses an inbuilt algorithm to compute the average hearing threshold for the patient and generate a diagnosis based on the WHO classification of hearing loss. When the test reveals that there is any degree of hearing loss, the user can send all test information to an Ear, nose and Throat (ENT) specialist or audiologist who offer an appointment to the patient or recommendations through the app. All data collected is protected and stored centrally and can be made available for the subsequent testing sessions as a baseline for comparing future tests to note any changes in hearing thresholds of the patient over a period of follow-up.

Our Vision

Quality hearing for all people

Our Mission

To build sustainable digital solutions that bring hearing care to the last mile.

Our Values

Innovation, People friendly , Positive social impact.

Our Team

Dr Charles Batte


William Worodria


Dr. Josephine Likichoru


Mr.Mumbere Joab

Software Engineer